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Here you'll find Photography books with lots of High Heels pictures - PART 1
You can order them directly at Just use the links beneath each title.

For german users: please see german high heel photography books as well (via

Helmut Newton

He is the worlds best when it comes to highly erotic but yet absolutely cool b&w erotic photography.
AND - he almost always uses HIGH HEELS to enhance his models.

Private Properties
His book "Private Property".


White Women
His book "White Women".

His book "Pages from the Glossies".
Video:  Frames from the edge
His video "Frames from the edge".

His book "The Best Of".
Click here to see other Helmut Newton books! (SUMO, Big Nudes, ...)    

David LaChapelle

You won't see anything comparable to his outstanding and provoking use
of colour and extreme posing.
Aaand: lots of breathtaking High Heels in his new book "Hotel".

Buy it now!
His latest book "Hotel LACHAPELLE".

Chapelle's 'Legs Shark'
Chapelle - sample pic 1
Chapelle's 'Royal Guards'
Chapelle - sample pic 2

Ellen von Unwerth

She is the most sensible female photographer the whole fashion world has ever seen.

Buy it now!
Her book
"Ellen von Unwerth's Wicked"
Buy it today!

Buy it now!
Her book
"Ellen von Unwerth: Couples"
Buy it today!


Peter Lindbergh
His work makes you fell the good vibes on the set.

His book "Smoking Women"


His book
"Images of Women"
Buy it today!

His book
"10 Women"
Buy it today!


Günter Blum

He is one of the best photographers ever in erotic b/w-photography.


Günter BLum Book 'Akt' - buy it today!
His book "Akt" (Lots of HH's)
Buy it today! (at only)

His latest book "Venus"
Buy it today! (at only)

Thierry Mugler
The key to Mugler: his ideal woman is a dominatrix-cum-star.
Fashion for him is a "very demanding mistress." So he fills his runways with character supermodels and an eclectic mix of stars.

His superb book
"Fetish Fashion Fantasy"
(High Heels too)
Buy it today!

Mugler - sample pic
Sante D'Orazio
Famous italian Fashion photographer.
His latest book on his photo shooings - lots of HH's too.

Buy it today!


FadMag Photo Gallery "Bad"
Galleries with pictures of Doris Kloster, Günter Blum, Velda Lauder, ...


Japanese fetish photographer.


Links to Photographers and their books with High Heels - PART 2

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